Tuesday, 27 July 2010


More rummagings from extensive collection of singles - threw up this one found on a Saturday's record safari in south Manchester a few years back.  Here's what I wrote up at the time about it:-

Dutch issue of the above - which interestingly uses the 50’s/very early 60's lilac Parlophone label and the typeface that only appeared on the 1st issue of the Fab Four’s first two singles on Parlophone.


  1. How much did this set you back at the time? It's surely quite a valuable acquisition? But, then again, it's probably one of the biggest selling singles of all time.

    p.s. Lee Hazlewood info was wonderful. I have now got hold a significant portion of his discography on my hard drive. It's very good


  2. The Nederlands Fab Four 45 was about a fiver as it's in somewhat "well-loved" condition - but a nice collection filler as the label design's somewhat different to those concurrently issued in the UK. So I'm guessing that the dutch pressing plant for EMI was still in possession of the older design templates - and they used that style on the label as did those issued in Belgium right up till 1968 - 'Lady Madonna' being the one that I have.