Monday, 23 August 2010


Released in 1967 "What's It Gonna" is a cracking bit of Northern Soul from the queen of Blue-Eyed Soul herself - Dusty Springfield.

Written by Jerry Ragovay and Mort Shuman - the latter who'd also penned material with his writing partner Doc Pomus for both Ray Charles and The Drifters, as well translating a fair chunk of Jacques Brel's song into English - it was issued on Philips in the UK (cat. no. BF 1608), in US (again on Philips - cat. no. 40498), as well in Australia too - ! (cat. no. BF-326830). The latter being the first copy I bought after having being on the hunt for it for a good few years. And then reissued in the UK again on Philips in 1974 (cat. no. 6006 350). And as per usual it these circumstances didn't get included on any of Dusty's LPs either here in the UK or stateside at the time of it's release.

Like the best of Dusty's soul output it'd work great on an set of similar themed material, sitting quite happily alongside the Shirelles and Arthur Alexander tracks she'd already done up to this point as well the other one that would definitely have to be included - "Spooky".

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More from the vinyl rummagings through the collection threw up this one.  The Belgian pressing of the Beatles' Lady Madonna' - the song inspired by McCartney's mum's career as a midwife - and like it's UK counterpart the last to be issued on Parlophone prior to the band's setting up of Apple.  As mentioned on the previous blog regarding the Dutch 'She Loves You', the label design is pretty that of the design/style EMI stopped using in the UK after early 1963 - which in Beatles terms translates as the 1st issues of 'Love Me Do' and 'Please Please Me'.