Sunday, 7 December 2014


Artist: STEVIE WONDER; Title: I DON'T WHY I LOVE YOU; Label: TAMLA MOTOWN; Format: 7"; Cat. No.: TMG 690; Year; 1969; Country: UK

Carrying on the theme of singles flipped in favour of their B Sides which I mentioned in connection with the recent Shirelles post, looking today at what's probably one of the classic cases of this happening.  This 1969 offering from Stevie Wonder.

The A Side as it was originally issued is the rather excellent "I Don't Why I Love You".  Which finds Stevie Wonder in fine form on this excellent bit of late 60's Soul/Funk - and you can hear creative muscles beginning to be flexed - as the bosses at Motown were beginning to be aware of just what this blind kid was capable of.  I actually came to the song via the Stones cover of it that surfaced on the mid-70's 'Metamorphosis' set which they'd recorded around the time this came out - ie 1969 when their relationship with Decca had soured somewhat.

And what's on the B Side you may ask?  Only what went on to become one of Stevie Wonder's biggest ever hits. A little ditty entitled "My Cherie Amour".  Still prefer the A Side though!

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