Sunday, 20 January 2013


Just a quick one today! And wishing a very Happy Birthday to probably my favourite French singer of all time - yep we're talking Mlle. Francoise Madeline Hardy - and only 3 days different from my own! She's on the 17th of Jan and it's mine today!

The fluky thing is that Cherry Red through their El imprint have just issued Francoise's debut album officially here in the UK for the first time which I bought just over a week ago as an early birthday present for myself (if you can't treat yourself to a bit of FH once in a while then what else can you do!). Which as well as that album originally issued in 1962 you also get the Italian language set which came out a year later.  So it's interesting to do a compare and contrast between the two sets of songs.

And while we're on the subject of Francoise sleeve art and photos - here's a few more of one of the best pop singers of the 60's! Enjoy! And to Francoise - thank you for your wonderful music!  Merci beaucoup!


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