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Format: CDS (CD Single); Cat. No.: CDT 41 (EDSCD 4); Year: 1989; Country: UK

Following on from the previous post on Frank Zappa, the next logical place to go is the other CD single mentioned - so here it is.  And this one was the first CD I ever bought - Eno's "Another Green World", from the Our Price shop in Carlisle in 1990.

So on the music. The title track "Another Green World" is the title track from Brian Eno's 1975 album, and was used as the title music for the BBC2 arts show 'Arena', and probably (like it was mine) their first exposure to that genre of music normally associated with him - Ambient.  Despite what some might tell you that the guitar work's done by Robert Fripp - it isn't, and it's Eno you're hearing on that plus all other instruments.

Next up is "Dover Beach" - dating from 1978 and written specifically for  Derek Jarman's debut feature 'Jubilee'.  Again it's just Eno solo - and creating one of those amazing soundscapes in the process - ironic considering where the track was originally used.  And prior to this release the track was unissued on CD.

Next up is "Deep Blue Day" dating from the 1983 'Apollo Atmospheres And Soundtracks' album project that also features Eno's younger brother Roger and sometime Dylan and U2 producer Daniel Lanois.  The best way describe the style of this can be summed up as Ambient Country & Western and features Daniel Lanois on guitar.  The track probably reached it's widest audience when Danny Boyle used in his film 'Trainspotting' and that scene featuring the worst loo in the world!

The proceeding are rounded off with "2/1" from 1978's 'Ambient 1: Music For Airports' set.  The parent set is the first of Eno's fully fledged Ambient Series - although elements of the ambient had appeared as early as the 1973 collaboration with Robert Fripp 'Evening Star' - and was inspired (appropriately enough) by being stuck in an airport for three hours in the mid 70's.  The wordless vocals on this track come from Christa Fast,  Christine Gomez, and Inge Zeininger - and the title itself just denotes which track it as on the original vinyl release i.e. Track 2 Side One.

And thanks to whoever it was that posted the Eno info on AllMusic and Wikipedia as well!

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