Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Hi for Feb 2011 - and this is the first of what will become a regular feature - the overseas issues on labels you don't quite expect.  And for starters here's a pair of singles released on EMI’s Stateside label that you don’t normally see.  

Firstly from 1968 The Small Faces’ ‘The Universal’ which I’m guessing is either from Australian or Singapore.  However the Singapore EMI pressings that I’ve come across have manufactured in SEA at the bottom of the label - so my money’s on it being an Aussie release.  Why Stateside?  Immmediate in the UK was distributed by EMI and it wasn't licensed for overseas use - hence Stateside.

The second is this dutch pressing of T.Rex’s ‘Get It On’ as found in a street market in Amsterdam a couple of years ago.  Again it’s going to be the licensing for Bolan’s label Fly which meant that it was issued on Stateside for the Dutch.

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