Monday, 14 March 2011


Artist: T.Rex.  Title: 20th Century Boy.  Label: T.Rex Wax Co./EMI.  Format: 7".  Country of Issue: UK. Cat. No.: MARC 4.  Year; 1973.

A bumper batch on today's post - first up this 1973 offering from T.Rex.  The A Side is the rather good "20th Century Boy" - and possibly his best known song at the present (revived to a great extent after being featured in a Levi's ad a few years back) - and posted as a thanks to the Playhawk boys who did a cracking version in their live set on Saturday night.  The B Side gives you "Free Angel", which a okayish bit Glam Rock.

Artist: The Rolling Stones.  Title: Satisfaction.  Label: Decca.  Format; 7".  Country of Issue: Germany.  Cat. No.: DL 25 000.  Year: 1965.

Next up is this German pressing of the Stones classic - which I think I picked up in Brum about 5 years ago - only think to really add is that the title's shortened to just "Satisfaction" - rather the the longer 'I Can't Get No...'

The B Side is "The Under-Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" is pretty much filler material - first surfacing on their 3rd LP 'Out Of Our Heads'.  With Mick & Keith using their Nanker and Phelge psuedonyms for the writing credits.

Artist: The Rolling Stones.  Title: Mother's Little Helper.  Label: London.  Format: 7".  Country of Issue: Canada.  Cat. No.: L.902.  Year;1966.
Third up is this rather good Canadain double-header from the Stones - feat. 2 tracks from the 1966 'Aftermath' set.  The A Side side serves up the album's opener the excellent "Mother's Little Helper" - just check out Brian Jones on what sounds like an electric sitatr, and the whole thing in general really!

The flip side is another piece of greatness in the form of "Lady Jane" - and don't for one moment let the tune lull you into a false sense of security, as one listen to the lyrics will leave in no uncertain terms as to the subject matter - class distinctions (which where still there to a level in the mid 60's - though rapidly crumbling fast, although it didn't stop the powers that be from trying to make an example of Mick & Keith).

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